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8.8.2020 -
Jattera Launched In 18/08/2020 20:00 CEST Swedish Time
Author: Admin

We're Welcome Our Player To Play On


[~Server Infos:!~]
ip :
Version : 8.60
Port : 7171


This is a simple explanation for Jattera World

1-> [~Training Monk!~]

[[You can enter from level 1 or more]]

2-> [~VIP COINS Hunts ROOM!~]
[[You can access this area Only if you have 1 Vip Coins]]
[[When you enter the room you can Hunts For 15 mintues only]]
[[You can get Vip coins From WebShop Points and Event's]]

3-> [~Game Tokens Hunts Room!~]
[[You can access this area And Join Hunts Only if you have 50 Game Tokens]]
[[Unlimted Time For Hunts]]
[[You can get Game Tokens From WebShop Points and Event's]]

4-> [~Events Room!~]
[[You have in this room a lot of events like]]

..last man standing..
Reward 25 Game Token
open every 1 Hour

..Bosses Event..
Reward 50 Crystal coins or 25 Game Tokens or 1 Vip Coins or 1 Stamina doll
Open Every 2 Hour

..Zombie Event..
Reward 1 Vip Coins + 25 Game Tokens
Open Every 3 Hours

..Team Battle..
Reward 5 premium points
Open Every Day Except friday At 19:00 PM Sweden GMT

..Top Guilds War..
Reward 10 premium points for all member the winner guild
Open every Week At friday 19:00 PM Sweden GMT

..Jattera World Boss..
Reward 10 premium points or 5 premium points or 1 double experience
Open Every Day At 17:00 PM Sweden GMT

5-> [~Quests Room!~]
[[Here you have six awards multiple tasks and levels are waiting for you]]

6-> [~Extra Free Hunts!~]
[[Here You Have a Free 4 Hunt for you]]

7-> [~Christmas Reward Box!~]
[[Here you can receive santa doll tp When you reach Level 300]]

..How it works..
When you press Santa Doll tp
You will be your own personal transport within 10 seconds to Christmas Room
And when you log in to this area you will find Santa Claus
When you talk to him <hi-present-yes>
You will get valuable gifts Like {{10 premium points OR Vip Coins OR Game Token OR Crystal Coins OR Donated Items OR Vip Medal}}
You can get them only once a year

8-> [~Vip City!~]
[[It is a Big city with a lot of Hunts And Quests And Houses]]
[[You can only enter if you are a vip player]]
[[You can buy vip medal From WebShop by premium points]]

9-> [~Mission Accsess Room!~]
[[You can only access to this area upon completion The Task Mission]]

..How to complete..
When you talk to Task Mission [NPC]
Say <hi-mission-yes>
And Finsh the 6 Mission

[1] = You have to kill 50 Demon and 50 Dragon Lord.
[2] = You have to kill 100 Defiler and 100 Dragon.
[3] = You have to kill 125 Frost Dragon and 75 Undead Dragon.
[4] = You have to kill 100 Grim Reaper and 50 Hellfire Fighter.
[5] = You have to kill 20 Ghazbaran and 20 Orshabaal.
[6] = You have to kill 100 Hellhound and 25 Ferumbras.

When fully complete the task you will get
100 crystal Coins + 10 premium points + 5 Vip Coins + 100 Game Token
And 50000000 And Mission Accsess Doll
When you press Mission Accsess Doll you can accsess Mission Room

Where can I find Task Mission [NPC]

1- As it is shown in the First picture

What's in the Task Mission Room

10-> [~Top Guild Event!~]
[[Here teleport show every week Day Friday At 19:00 pm Sweden]]
[[reward 10 for all member the winner guild]]

11-> [~Games Server!~]
[[You have in Jattera World a lot of Games like]]

1-Bomberman Game
2-Snake Game
3-Casino Game
4-Pacman Game


[~Level EXP~!]

PVP protection : to 40 level

Exp from players : 3x
Skill rate : 10x
Magic rate : 5x
Loot rate : 3x


[~Free Reward Points!~]

When you reach Level 150 - you will get 10 premium points
When you reach Level 180 - you will get 15 premium points
When you reach Level 220 - you will get 25 premium points


All of these features are waiting for you just created your free account now And joined Jattera World

ip : Jattera.Se
Version : 8.60
Port : 7171

If you have a query or find anything wrong do not hesitate to contact us at the official page of Facebook

With Regards JatTera Team

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